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Science as Art III: Planets

Earth Layers Full_edited.jpg

“Layers of the Earth” demonstrates that the crust we think of as solid is a tiny fraction of the layers beneath it, most of which are molten metal.

Solar Storm_edited.jpg

“Solar Storm” shows the Earth’s magnetic field which shields us from harmful ionizing radiation and must be conserved. We have had a huge increase in solar storms in the last few years. This quilt was shown in the American Geophysical Union's Exhibit "Quilt Your Science" in 2021.


“Marsquake” is based on NASA photos of a lander and rover. They are having an imaginary conversation about the exact moment of a Marsquake by speaking to each other in equations. I call this quilt a "nerd-joke," you have to be a nerd to have imagined it! This quilt is on tour with SAQA's Global Exhibition "Fierce Planets" until 2027.

Blue Eclipse_edited.jpg

"Blue Eclipse" is a humorous take on eclipse safety. One poodle wears proper eclipse glasses and can stare straight at the sun safely. Two poodles have turned "blue" (sad) and blind from looking at the eclipse directly. This quilt will be on exhibit from 4/2/2024-5/4/2024 at the Quilter's Hall of Fame "Total Eclipse of the Quilt."

"Solar Eclipse 2024" demonstrates two methods to view the upcoming total eclipse on 4/8/2024 safely. A pair of eclipse glasses and a camera or cell phone filter allow the viewer to look at the eclipse safely. This quilt is on exhibit from 2/15/2024-4/15/2024 in a project I curated at Sentara Regional Medical Center in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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