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Updraft is available from Amazon. 


"The “rumbles and rustlings” that we read in one of Kathleen Decker’s poems epitomize much of what makes this such a beautiful and valuable offering. Life is indeed made up of extremes and who better than a poet, gifted quilter, and devoted physician—three in one—to deal with those rumbles and rustles of life."

~Sofia M. Starnes, Virginia Poet Laureate, Emerita, Author of The Consequence of Moonlight and other works.

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Excerpt from the Foreword:


"What an amazing collection of emotions, experiences, and observation fill the pages of Updraft. Seldom have I encountered a book of poetic memoir that covers so much territory. Clearly, Kathleen Decker is drawn to nature, its lack of judgment and its simultaneous fragility, strength and beauty, and mostly, the comfort and sense of belonging it offers. Humor is also evident in many of the poems, often illustrating an inescapable truth. Literary references such as Diana and Dante balance the book with mythical parallels, forcing the reader to take more time to consider the nuances. “Face of a Soldier” offers a glimpse of therapeutic struggles familiar in our own lives or family, and through the news. This thoughtful, deep, yet entertaining book has something for every reader. Enjoy!"

~Terry Cox-Joseph, President, Poetry Society of Virginia,author of Between Then and Now, and other works.

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