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Science as Art Series II: Land & Sea

Art quilts whose beauty carries a scientific message...

As a scientist and physician, I found science crept its way into my art quilts. The concept of educating people while they view artwork appeals to me. Who says science can't be fun?


Monarchs are endangered. In “Monarch Paradise” I imagine them recovering from endangered status. Here they are in their winter home (Mexican high oyamel fir forest). This quilt was shown at the American Geophysical Union's "Stitch Your Science" in 2022.

Extreme Camouflage.jpg

"Extreme Camouflage" depicts two types of camouflage. Where is the lizard? Which butterflies are monarchs and which are Viceroys? Anole lizards blend with foliage, and viceroys disguise themselves as Monarchs, because predators know Monarchs' coloration signals they are poisonous.

Predator Prey.jpg

“Predator and Prey at Peace depicts a fox and hare. Both prey for larger predators, so both use camouflage. They are at peace briefly as the fox huddles to conserve heat.

One of my favorites..."The Amazing Endangered Ocean" is full of endangered sea life-giant manta rays, right whales, humpback whales, sea turtles, sea horses, blue-fin tuna and even kelp and coral. The left-hand side shows what the ocean will look like if we don't save it-with coral choked by algae, and no wildlife. This quilt was shown at the American Geophysical Union's "Stitch Your Ocean Science" exhibit in 2023.

Amazing Ocean_edited.jpg

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