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Quilted Poems

“Quilted Poems” was the title of a Special Exhibit at the Mancuso Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival (Feb, 2022, Hampton Virginia) as well as a book representing all the poems and quilts exhibited.

Each quilter chose poems that inspired them from poems submitted by members of the Poetry Society of Virginia. The quilter designed a quilt that is inspired by the poem. Kathleen Decker, President, Colonial Piecemakers Quilt Guild  and Vice President (Eastern Region) of the Poetry Society of Virginia curated this exhibit. The poem chosen by a quilter was displayed alongside her quilt. Sixty-two poems were displayed along with the quilts. Quilts were professionally photographed, and a book was created with the images of quilts and the poems that inspired them.

It's available at Bookbaby bookshop:

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Quilted Poems Cover.jpg

Violin #1         

by Stacy Clair


Five a.m. and she calls my name

The air is calm and undisturbed

It's the perfect time to touch her

I am drawn to her

She is my addiction

Her body is smooth and curvy

A smile breaks my lips as I reach out

She quivers under my touch

I lift her to my face

I inhale her sweet, sweet scent

I ask her to sing for me

She remains silent

She's waiting for me to put my hands on her

Waiting for my fingers to touch her in the right spot

I do so and she trills a beautiful melody

It's just for me

She sings only for me

I know just what to do to pull the music from her body

Hours later and she still trembles as I run my fingertips down her neck

I can feel the mesmerized eyes of the audience as they share my private moment

I glide the bow back and forth, faster and faster

The feeling becomes more and more intense

I can feel the breath catch in their throats

I can see their eyes invading mine

I make her sing for them

As the final note is held my own breath catches

I feel her body begin to calm underneath of mine


Five p.m. and she whispers my name

The air is full of static electricity

It's the perfect time to lay her down to rest

I pull her gently from my face

I thank her for the magical music we just made

I exhale and walk off the stage

Quilted Poem.jpg

“Crescendo, Decrescendo” by Kathleen P. Decker

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