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Abstract Art Quilt Series

It's really fun to design and create abstract art quilts! The viewer can interpret them any way they choose, although I generally have specific concepts in mind when I design them, others were pure improvisations.

For example, "Meeting of the Minds" was designed to represent the meeting of a linear thinker with a multi-tasker. "Friendship" was based on the song, "Make New Friends" (one is silver and the other is gold). "Improvisation #7" could also be called "Valentine's Day Message"-the viewer can choose their own message! "Balancing Act" was an exercise in balancing monochromatic shapes and space.

"Friendship" and "Meeting of the Minds," a diptych. 

"Meeting of the Minds" has been shown in multiple juried exhibitions.

"Balancing Act" has won several awards and is displayed online internationally

Improv 7.jpg

"Improvisation #7" was shown at the Charles H. Taylor Museum in Hampton, Virginia Feb.-March, 2024.

"Rainbow Tumblers" was shown at the Kavanaugh Gallery in St. Charles, Illinois from February-March, 2024. It is currently showing at the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center from April 17-May 31 in the Annual Members Show.

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