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Fishmas is not just for Christmas!

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Fishmas: Twelve Days of Christmas by the Sea is a timeless classic for Christmas, and any time you want to enjoy the creatures by the sea! I wrote it to satisfy our craving for funny seaside animals AND to incorporate fun facts in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM). Terry Cox-Joseph did a marvelous, humorous job of bringing them to life!

~Kathleen P. Decker (Author)


"So creative and fun! The 12 Days of Christmas is going to be running thru my head with new words. This is such a sweet book with enchanting illustrations. Love the "Did you Know" at the end that adds some science to the book."

~L. Atkinson

"I got this book for my granddaughter and gave it to her before Christmas (I couldn't wait). She adores it. We've read it about 300 times. She asks me to read the "Fishmas book" whenever I come over. The pictures are terrific; the warblers are frame-worthy. Thanks for writing a book for those of us who live by water!"

~Molly Cox

"Such a cute little Christmas book, and very clever. Wonderfully illustrated. Loved every page, and it got better as you read on till the end. I wished there had been more. I especially liked the explanations of the subjects used in the 12 Days of Fishmas. Perfect for children as well as adults."

~Ann M.

Published by High Tide Publications, Deltaville, Virginia, 2021

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